Cycling Miscellanea

Cycling for the British Heart Foundation and Marie Curie Cancer Care

In just under 2 weeks, I’m hoping to ride 50 miles around Norwich. I’d like to ask you to sponsor me in this effort. 50 miles will be the longest ride I’ve completed in many years, and provides an opportunity to raise some money for good causes.

Richard’s been egging me on, and the story started earlier this year when Liam persuaded me to put this in as a goal to encourage me to cycle more this year. There are two rides on the day, and three of us heading up to Norwich. Liam and another friend, Mikey, will be aiming to complete the 100 mile version, having much more cycling under their belts than me.

I’ve been training a while, and completed a good milestone last weekend when the three of us did a 70K ride that undulated its way over the South Downs in Kent.

The Norwich ride is organised to provide support for The British Heart Foundation, and I’ve ridden on their behalf before. I’m asking you to support them and me by sponsoring me over at

On a personal note, as many of you know, my Grandmother passed away recently. I will therefore be taking this opportunity to also support the Marie Curie nurses in their work. Whatever the total sponsorship I raise for The British Heart Foundation, I will personally match and donate to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

I’m looking forward to the ride, so thank you in advance for your support, and please be be generous!

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