Bandwidth use 2008

I recently discovered that my ISP provides handy statistics about the internet traffic to my house. Here, as a historical curiosity, are the figures for 2008:

Month Download (GB) Upload (GB)
January 116.8 3.4
February 140.3 4.3
March 12.1 0.7
April 10.5 0.9
May 12.3 1.4
June 11.6 1.2
July 12.7 2.0
August 18.6 5.9
September 33.9 10.2
October 66.4 7.0
November 19.1 6.5
December 13.1 1.6
Total 467.4 45.0
Average 39.0 3.8

As background, we don’t make use of P2P for content that the original owners aren’t happy distributing, so I imagine there are heavier users of the net out there. We do use Miro though, so I imagine a fair amount of that traffic is video. The peak in October certainly is (I watched Democracy Now during the US election), and I imagine that was what Jan and Feb were too.


An Annual Maintenance Chore

The eagle eyed, or keen, reader might have noticed that most pages on this site have a date on them, often at the bottom of the page. This is automatically generated, and reflects the last time the page changed in any way.

One date, however, I update by hand. On the site’s about page, you will find a copyright notice, together with a year range. This I update manually, once a year.

I’ve considered automating it a few times (it would be trivial) but I like it – as a signal that I’m still maintaining this site, and it is not quietly bitrotting away.

It looks like I’ve done this 14 times now.

Happy New Year!