Gay Miscellanea


Something I’ve known was coming for a while, that I can now talk about.

Congratulations to Liam and Brett on their engagement. It sounds like New York has been fun. It was certainly a great evening on Thursday, and I was honoured to be present at the start of something new. I also now understand why there weren’t airline tickets in the envelope that Brett opened – Liam wasn’t done with the surprises at that point :-)


Unexpected Consequences

Blogs are different to ‘regular’ websites in a way I hadn’t fully appreciated. The combination of easy updates, topical content, and easy subscriptions (maybe there are other things?) makes them a very social medium.

Since starting this blog I’ve been contacted by several people who I suspect I would not have been in touch with otherwise. Including a branch of my family I’d lost touch with, a blogger from London who I’ve never met, and recently a friend of my Mum’s, who is also an old friend of my brother.

This blog has also been a topic for discussion in the pub – it is boring apparently (hello Joe, if you’re still out there). Figuring out when to mention here the fact I’ve recently met a lovely man who I introduce as my boyfriend (Hello Richard!) has been something I’ve been looking for an excuse to do for a few weeks. It seems like an important thing to mention on my blog, but figuring out the right moment wasn’t obvious. Even if Liam got there some time ago…

A year ago, I hadn’t been seriously thinking that leaving friendsreunited would work out so well, but it seems it has – people can still find me here on the web, and more people than can be found on freindsreunited, I suspect. I wonder how long my other social network subscriptions will prove useful.