Gay Miscellanea

The First Fifteen Years – LGMC in concert

Last night I went to see the London Gay Men’s Chorus perform their first big show of the year. What a blast!

The show was at Cadogan Hall, and I had planned on just turning up on the night, and buying a ticket. In the end, the place looked almost sold out, so it was lucky that Liam offered me a spare ticket he had during the afternoon. Not only did he guarantee I turned up (thank you!), I also had a great seat.

If you’ve not seen the LGMC, they are an incredibly polished bunch of performers, who obviously take great pride in putting on a high quality show. They then couple this with a hugely infectious enthusiasm, which reminds me each time why I go and see them. Choir’s, after all, are not my regular taste in music.

Mind you, they seem to be turning me into a convert, and I now have some favourites, two of which were in the show – Rhythm of Life and Our Time.

If you’ve not seen them before, they are on again in London and Cardiff (among other places) this year. Highly recommended!