Canonical Computing

Out with the old, in with the new

After nearly four years, I’ve decided to move on from Canonical. I’d like to thank all the people I worked with for the chance to do some cool things, and learn so much.

This blog is very much an occasional thing for me, but there have been a few posts from my time at Canonical, and more comments than this blog has ever had. I learned that Ubuntu is so much bigger than any one project.

On Monday my new gig starts. I need to learn how to look after a team building the Android keyboard at SwiftKey, which is an exciting prospect. Last year, they were acquired by Microsoft, so this will also mark my return there. Microsoft was my first experience of making software, and that team set me off on the path I am still on. When I was last there, the 486DX2 was a thing, and IBM actually made PCs. I’m intrigued about what I will learn about the Microsoft of today!


In which I tried out Medium

Inspired by a recent post there, I have given Medium a go for writing with.

Their editor is impressive, and it is very seductive to start writing in a place where there is interesting stuff to read. Maybe the experience will encourage me to invest a bit in this blog.

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Barcelona Photos

I made the cut in Alex’s set of photos from Barcelona.