Psion Clearance

I recently rummaged through my loft, and found my collection of Psion PDAs. I’ve got fond memories of these, and there is no way I would part with them. Or so I thought. On review, I had no less than seven of them, including many duplicates.

So, its off to eBay with some of them:

If you fancy buying one, you could always install some of my software!


Three Times

You can tell I haven’t cycled a lot this spring. It’s taken quite a while to go from twice to three times. It took 1 hr 50 mins to complete the set yesterday.

Cycling Miscellanea

Readers contributions

As the second in an occasional series, Philippe sent me this pic he took. It’s a rather nice image of cyclists showing at the Catto Gallery recently. It looks like I’ve missed the chance to see it for real. Ah well, thanks Philippe! David Gerstein Cyclists