Bad Boys

After a quick stopover for Jelte and Lorin’s birthdays, last night me and Richard went to the LGMC’s annual summer show: Bad Boys.

It would feel odd to go to a London Gay Men’s Chorus show and not blog about it, although I am left fairly speechless. They were fabulous, putting together a really entertaining show. I always enjoy the sight of a stage full of gay men smiling!

Apparently it was their musical director’s last show, which made for an emotional ending, and a rousing encore. He will be a hard act to follow!

If you’ve not seen them and you fancy an evening of high quality music, performed with pure enthusiasm, you should get tickets to their next show!


Tour de France, London 2007

Last weekend, le Tour came to London. One of my old schoolfriends, John, came up to view the spectacle with his two oldest kids.

I took lots of photos, the best of the bunch are here.


London Pride 2007

Yesterday’s parade was lots of fun. We had an early start (6am!) to help organise the volunteer stewards for the parade. As last year, I was looking after the arrivals, and forming them in to teams. Some teams looked like they gelled for the day – I saw them wandering around together in Soho, while others were clearly only for the parade. Either way, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

We were then asked to steward the last bit of the parade, by Trafalgar Square. Me and Richard were either side of a likely crossing point, mostly helping people spot gaps to cross in.

Which is where I saw the parade from:

London Pride’s Flag

Despite being a bit damp (this is London!), it was good humoured and spectacular. Lots of people smiling, which makes my day.

More pictures (including some of mine) in this flickr group.