London Pride 2007

Yesterday’s parade was lots of fun. We had an early start (6am!) to help organise the volunteer stewards for the parade. As last year, I was looking after the arrivals, and forming them in to teams. Some teams looked like they gelled for the day – I saw them wandering around together in Soho, while others were clearly only for the parade. Either way, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

We were then asked to steward the last bit of the parade, by Trafalgar Square. Me and Richard were either side of a likely crossing point, mostly helping people spot gaps to cross in.

Which is where I saw the parade from:

London Pride’s Flag

Despite being a bit damp (this is London!), it was good humoured and spectacular. Lots of people smiling, which makes my day.

More pictures (including some of mine) in this flickr group.