Shanghai Pride

This week I was in Shanghai for a trade show. In order to get an airfare my employer was willing to pay for, I was obliged to stay through the weekend after. Looking around for things to do, Time Out Shanghai pointed me at the Shanghai Pride website.

So lunch today was at the Pink BBQ, one of the opening events of the sixth year of Shanghai Pride:

The Pink BBQ on Shanghai Pride's opening day
The Pink BBQ on Shanghai Pride’s opening day

I’ve managed to miss a couple of London Pride events, and this was a great reminder of the amazing buzz at events like these. I was pleased I had the chance to be part of this one!


Let the games begin

Something odd is happening in Russia at the moment. Thank you google for a good perspective with my searches this morning:



Gay Pride Flag at Castro and Market

Business took me to the San Francisco Bay Area last week. Unusually, I had some time to relax before the meeting started on the Monday, so I took a trip to the Castro.

I’ve been taking pictures of this flag since 2002, and I still have a big smile on my face the first time I spot it as I approach.

The Gay Pride flag at Castro and Market

I wonder how many times it’s needed replacing since 2002? It still looks as fresh.

(And a P.S. on my last post. I ended up cycling every workday in April. I skipped the weekends, mostly because they were so wet!)