Self funded sabbaticals

I’m making this post to document the informal conversations I’m trying to have as often as possible with people I know.

A lot of my former colleagues and friends are going through a period of turmoil at Symbian and other places. Whilst the Nokia takeover and the birth of the Symbian Foundation are creating lots of opportunities, the change means I’m aware lots of people are looking around at their options.

If you’re thinking of doing something new, I can recommend the self funded sabbatical. I enjoyed mine last year, and the progress Transmission Begins has made is a direct result of that time.

Transmission Begins is not in a position (yet) to hire employees and offer salaries. That will come later, if mine and Morgan’s plans come to fruition. There are lots of other options though. If you’re based in London, are a skilled software engineer, and thinking that some sabbatical time spent on a ‘busman’s holiday’ is a good idea, I’d love to have a chat: