My name is John and I am a Groupie

There, I’ve confessed. Last night I went to see the London Gay Men’s Chorus “Small Group” perform at the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden. This was the third time I’ve seen them this year, and I’m likely to see them at least once more – for the Christmas show. Together with my own lack of musical talent, I think that qualifies me as a groupie!

I’d never been to the venue before, and you enter through a museum gallery with artefacts from London’s theatre scene. If I go again, I’ll plan on arriving a bit before the performance, and stop to read a few of the display cases. That being said, nothing jumped out and said ‘Read Me Now’.

Every time I plan to see the LGMC I’m a little nervous that I’ve seen them before, and well, isn’t it never quite the same as the first time? Every time, they blow me away. Go see them perform!

There is an obvious passion behind the performances, and quality touches throughout. Whether they sell out or respectably fill their chosen venue seems to be a bit of a lottery, which I don’t understand, as the shows are consistently good.

Last night was the “Small Group”, which must be about 15 strong (The full chorus puts around 100 men on stage), performing with a pianist to accompany them. There are quite a few solos and duets, and they always seem incredibly accomplished. I liked, in no particular order, All Girl Band, Rhythm of Life (the chorus has taught me different words for that, and they’re much more fun), Marry me a Little and Natural Woman. Seasons of Love is another favourite of mine that they perform well.

Thanks to Liam and Brett for suggesting the evening – I would probably not have seen the small group until later in the year otherwise. The rest of the audience certainly seemed to enjoy it – the group next to me started laughing at one of the jokes, and then couldn’t stifle ongoing giggles for several pieces afterward. A great atmosphere!