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A dive in to Lisp

Prompted by a book I borrowed from a friend, I’ve decided to learn Lisp.

Many years ago, the first programming course on my degree was in a language similar to Lisp (that I now forget), and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. MacLisp was also around on campus, for use in ‘maths stuff’. Not being a mathematician, I ignored that.

Both experiences made me write off lisp (and similar brethren) as a practical language – they seemed too small, too focussed on things like recursion that aren’t all that useful on constrained systems.

However, there’s a famous quote around that notes that everyone should learn Lisp, if only for the experience, and the write up in Hackers and Painters persuaded me to have a go.

So far, I’m up to chapter 15 in ‘Practical Common Lisp‘, and I think I may be hooked!