A Pair of Buffer Stops

A small project this weekend: A pair of buffer stops.

This is the Springside Models kit, and I’ve assembled one with rail cross beams, and one with a wooden sleeper.


The rail one has card shims behind the rail to provide electrical insulation.

Note to self: I think this would have been easier with a quicker setting glue. Perhaps some 5 minute epoxy, rather than the overnight one I have.

2 replies on “A Pair of Buffer Stops”

Very nice… Those look just like the ones down the road at Harlow Mill.

Unfortunately for the “period” modeller, I don’t know when they would have been installed, and when the design was first produced. Buffer stops of the Great Eastern Railway seem to be a minefield!

These are alleged to be a GWR design by the instructions, the rounded chairplates are apparently the giveaway. However, I found a trove of Micheldever pictures online recently, and these look pleasingly similar to the ones there.

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