Class 20 rewheel

Popham Depot is sized to be at least a little different from a shunting loco + coal wagons minimum space exercise. As motive power, I have dimensioned the layout for the Bachmann Class 20 I have.

Last weekend I finally finished the job of rewheeling it for P4. I had dropped in the ultrascale wheelsets some time ago, but had been foxed by the brake rodding which fouled the new, wider, wheelsets.

With a bit more modelling under my belt now, a quick bit of surgery with a sharp knife removed the moulded on rods, and I replaced them with some thin plasticard. 20 seconds with some black paint, and a viewer is none the wiser…


As things stand, it’s really the same model that came out of Bachmann’s packaging. Next phase is to research a real loco, and detail this one to resemble it.


A Pair of Buffer Stops

A small project this weekend: A pair of buffer stops.

This is the Springside Models kit, and I’ve assembled one with rail cross beams, and one with a wooden sleeper.


The rail one has card shims behind the rail to provide electrical insulation.

Note to self: I think this would have been easier with a quicker setting glue. Perhaps some 5 minute epoxy, rather than the overnight one I have.


Makespace Cambridge

Makespace Cambridge: Open evening, tonight.