Popham Depot – My P4 inglenook gains a name

I’ve been working towards ‘replicating’ my Phoenix Yard layout in P4, and there have been some early steps documented here already. I’ve been working with the name ‘Twenty and Tanks’ for now, since that’s the rolling stock the layout is dimensioned for. However, that’s not a name that rolls off my tongue.

I want to base the scenery on the Oil Depot at Michledever station, but since I won’t be attempting to replicate it, I don’t want to name the layout directly after it.

Looking around on the map, there is an airfield just up the road – Popham – and it seems sensible to steal the name for the layout. I’m guessing the military may well have had usage at Popham in mind when they built the obviously camouflaged facility.

So, my new P4 inglenook will be ‘Popham Depot’. Set in the 1970’s, with BR blue motive power, and with a fleet of TTA tanks as shunting fodder.

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Nice choice John! I assume that you’ll be modelling the Little Chef as well…

It’s directly opposite the airfield, so you can sit and eat and watch light aircraft roar (or splutter) off the runway. We “discovered” it as it was the Little Chef that Heston Blumenthal visited in an effort to improve the quality of the food. And it actually was a very nice experience for a couple of years.

However the last couple of visits have proved that it has gone downhill fast, and is now no better than any other LC. It’s a shame, as it’s now crossed off our list of places worth stopping for a bite.

I wonder how much their look has changed since the 1970’s? It’s an interesting idea 🙂

I still plan to have a field trip with camera to the area, but haven’t quite done it yet!

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