Starting point

Over the years I’ve been meaning to start a layout, and I’ve acquired a few useful bits:

  • 2 A2 sized pieces of 5mm foam board.
  • Some Knightwing kits for portacabins, fuel depots and so on.
  • A Bachmann 25 in BR blue – the first DCC ready loco I was aware of.
  • A selection of medium radius Peco code 100 streamline points, with solenoid switches.
  • Some matching flexitrack.
  • Figures, suitable for a BR corporate image era layout.
  • Souvenir wagons from my travels (so from Japan, France, Germany and so on).
  • The wagons, locos and track from the late 80’s when I was using model railways more as a toy.

And finally, the spark to my recent restart – the Hornby Pendolino DCC train set.

What I wanted to do is build a layout that re-uses as much of this as I can, so that it doesn’t end up costing a huge amount.