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My Own TV Channel is the opportunity to do just that - host your own TV channel at your own website.

Youtube and similar sites make the job of hosting very easy, but if you're the sort who wants a bit more control, and are technical enough to install tools like wordpress on your own domain, then My Own TV Channel is for you.

My Own TV Channel will do three things for you:

A common problem with bittorrent is the lack of a seed. People find they have a torrent file, but no-one is sharing the actual file on the bittorrent network. My Own TV Channel solves this problem by providing a 'web seed' for your torrent, so that the file is always available via your web server.

For the software, the major functionality I want to ship in 1.0 can be (hopefully) seen working. Namely, choosing a directory full of video files, entering their meta-data, and creating .torrent, .html and .rss files for the channel.

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