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My Own TV Channel

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My Own TV Channel is software to serve your own internet video channel. It is an ideal server counterpart to clients like Miro, providing a way to host a bittorrent channel via a PHP/MySQL web host.

The biggest problem with video on the internet is its size, and the combined effect of many people downloading the same file at once when you post a new video. This can overwhelm all but the most expensive hosting solutions.

One solution to this problem is to ask your audience to download the video via a peer-to-peer network, and therefore help each other with the download. Bittorrent is the best known, but there are two new problems - the need to 'seed' the file somehow on the bittorrent network, and provide the .torrent for people to start the download.

My Own TV Channel solves both problems for you: by calculating the .torrent file on the fly, and providing a web seed right on your own server. Users get guaranteed availablity, and the security of knowing that you provide the video with your blessing.

My Own TV Channel includes its own tracker, so that you can generate the same sort of statistics that traditional web servers provide. This will give you a good idea about the size of your audience, right on your own server.

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