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Beta 2 - multi-room Catwalk for any music

Published at 9.25am on 27th August 2009

As I mentioned before, we've been working on broadening Catwalk's multi-room ability to your general music collection.

I'm pleased to announce the release of Beta 2, which allows the playback of any CD quality wav file you have on your network to any (or all) of your network hi-fi.

We'll lift the wav file restrictions in the future, but I want to get this technology into the hands of customers early. I hope to build confidence in the multi-room capability as we broaden the range of input options.

This is a beta. As before, active participants in the beta programme will be able to claim a discount on the final price when the software is released.

If you have some networked hi-fi, why not try it now?

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