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Catwalk Radio - connecting your PC's audio input to your digital hifi

Published at 2.18pm on 12th August 2009

Over the weekend I announced our latest product on the Linn support forums. Catwalk Radio (a working name) is our next product, and whilst it was announced on the Linn forums, it is the first that will interoperate with any standards based digital hifi.

Out of the box it takes the input from your PC's line-in/mic jack and sends it to your digital hifi. Morgan is using it now to bring a radio stream onto the same hifi speakers as the rest of his music.

It has another key feature - the ability to send the stream it creates to multiple hifi simultaneously. This gives you the ability to have digital hifis in separate rooms listening to the same audio feed. Today it only works with the line-in feed, but we're now working on expanding the function to any of the music you want to listen to on your home setup.

The beta release is available for download now from its homepage. Active participants in the beta program will be entitled to a discount on the final purchase price.

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