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8.30am, 26th May 2009

I'm not sure if postings for a blog are generally assumed to be 'live', or if scheduling them in advance is fairly routine.

Dave Winer defines a blog as the unedited voice of a person. His own blog is one he clearly works on daily, editing and refining posts during the day. His opinions often appear to me to be a little off the cuff, and a careful reading of his archive will certainly turn up inconsistencies, and long abandoned opinions.

Another blogger I read daily is Raymond Chen. His 'Old New Thing' is also clearly a personal blog, at the same time as appearing to be an attempt to develop a particular theme. His posts about technical matters of Windows set great store by the engineering required to maintain compatibility with software that Microsoft's customers run on Windows, in ways that not all software engineers agree are appropriate.

Raymond's blog is written in batches, and scheduled in advance, which presumably makes it easier to be consistent in approach. Dave's blog appears to be written more as a stream of thought. My personal blog's name (Train of Thought) reflects a view that blogs work well when written as-it-happens. However, as I tried to write there about my plans for Transmission Begins, I realised the benefits of writing in advance, and publishing a group of articles in episodic form.

Posts to this blog will therefore be a mixture. If you're not sure which is which, and you care to find out, those who know me well will realise that a post time of '8.30 am' is unlikely to be live.

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