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Business of Software Dinner in London

Published at 1.43pm on 21st May 2009

Last night I went along to a dinner organised on the side of the Business Of Software discussion group.

The diverse group proved that the people interested in the forum aren't all starting software businesses, and the discussions were interesting. It was nice to spend an evening where talking about software was part of the general conversation.

I was a little disappointed that several of the attendees were in marketing positions for the 'Business of Software' conference. This gave the evening a bit of a 'being marketed to' feel in places, while it was ostensibly a social event for like minded peers. Shame that the marketing team didn't think to buy a round of drinks I guess.

I met several other people who are starting businesses similar in size and goals to Transmission Begins, and I always like to know I'm not doing anything too unusual. A good group, and one I plan to go to regularly.

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