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A Blog Reboot

Published at 8.30am on 13th May 2009

When I started this blog, I was wary of it becoming one among many that small business owners write, where the focus is on day to day items about the business, rather than items I imagined might interest an audience for Transmission Begins' software.

Having been largely silent for a month or so, and been somewhat sporadic before then, I have to face the reality that inspiration about what might interest my customers has not struck. I'm now more concerned that silence is a bigger problem. There is the further fact that the audience for Transmission Begins software is small (if growing!), and there are plenty of readers who are more interested in what I'm up to than buying software they have no need for.

An important goal of this blog has always been personal - for me to write more, and to do so regularly. I've noticed that many blogs I enjoy most are updated frequently, even when I don't read every item. Therefore I'm going to place an emphasis on writing more, and less about worrying what to write about. I'm going to trust that interesting topics and trends will emerge over time.

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