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A Network Outage at Transmission Begins

Published at 9.27am on 11th May 2009

I'd just like to apologise for yesterday's network outage here at Transmission Begins. I believe all of our servers were unreachable for several hours while our hosting provider (Bytemark) battled a problem that disconnected all their customers from the internet.

We're small enough here that there is not much to do but select a provider for whom this sort of event is rare, and keep offsite backups. In Bytemark's case, this seems to be their first major outage in several years, so I plan to stick by the choice I've made.

I was kept well informed (via twitter) of their work on the problem, and they have posted a diagnosis on their support forum.

I don't anticipate a large impact for our customers (our software doesn't get in touch with our servers, except when you request a licence validation), but please do get in touch if this has caused any problems.

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