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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

8.30am, 27th March 2009

I've read about software marketing for companies like Transmission Begins a few times over the years, and I'm aware of many things we can do to help people browsing the site to become customers.

One of which is offering a no questions asked money back guarantee. To my ears, that can sound a bit like the 'hard sell', but something I read last week reminded me to add it. As the article points out, what would I do if a dissatisfied customer approached me and asked for their money back? I'd refund it in full, of course. So publicising this simply documents my existing policy, and makes our sales process more transparent. Hopefully it will also increase the confidence of customers buying from us.

So if you've bought software from Transmission Begins, and are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I don't want your money! Just ask us within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a complete refund without further questions.

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