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Welcome, Morgan

8.30am, 17th February 2009

Over the last few months I've had the pleasure of working closely with an old colleague from Symbian, Morgan Henry.

He left Symbian long before me, and spent some time at Linn, based in Glasgow. We spoke while he worked there, and I hoped Transmission Begins might provide some services or software for them. Although that didn't work out (I was focused on other contracts, so the timing wasn't ideal), I enjoyed visiting Glasgow and speaking with them.

Late last year, Morgan decided to leave Linn and work on software for himself (Sound familiar?). Morgan has some excellent ideas for products that I certainly have the skills to contribute to. As such, we're planning that he will join Transmission Begins and we will develop them together. It's taking a while to complete the formalities, but we're working on them!

While we've worked together, Morgan has been emailing me occasional digests of links he finds interesting, together with a few comments. He's going to continue that in the form of a blog on this site. Therefore I understand that Playback will initially start as a link blog in the traditional sense, and develop from there.

Welcome to Transmission Begins, Morgan.

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