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Telephone service starts

4.30pm, 13th February 2009

A few weeks ago, I realised that the software I've been developing is very close to version 1.0, and therefore ready for sale. So I started to investigate what is involved in selling software from a website.

Ultimately, I want to offer my customers the chance to pay via any means they find convenient, and of course that includes credit cards. If I want to take credit cards online, it turns out there are a number of important requirements. Some of these are financial (being in business for a while), some are technical (using SSL for secure parts of the website), and some are about being a good citizen - making it easy for customers to understand who they do business with. I've been working down the list for the last few weeks, and one of the items is a phone number, so that people can contact me without relying on the website itself.

So you can now contact Transmission Begins at:

020 7193 9726

(That's +44 20 7193 9726 if you need to dial from outside the UK)

Other items on the list include customer service email (done!), an 'About' page on the website, and a postal address. I'll be adding those shortly.

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