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One dead PC...

10.55pm, 18th October 2009

Today, I am testing my backup strategy.

My morning routine is to wake up with a cup of coffee and a read of the news on my PC. This morning, however, I was the only one that woke up - my PC (a Macbook Pro) failed to join me. This wasn't what I wanted before my coffee had kicked in! It has remained stubbornly unresponsive all day, so I've concluded it is time to replace it. I've had it a few years, and it has travelled well, so I'm not overly disappointed.

I'm confident in my backups (Famous last words perhaps, but I've been through a corrupt hard disk recently that tested them), so I hope the only issue is that sourcing and setting up the replacement I'd like is going to take a few days.

While I can do day-to-day things like email & support on an old PC I have lying around, I can't run the software I need to develop Catwalk Radio. Apologies in advance if you want to get in touch about a bug, and I need to delay a fix until I've got my new computer bought and set up.

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