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What is My Own TV Channel?

Published at 11.36am on 8th December 2008

My Own TV Channel Logo

My Own TV Channel is my first product. Currently in beta, I am developing version 1.0 now.

My Own TV Channel is the easy way to distribute video via your own web server. Many video creators use YouTube or similar services to do this, but suffer from problems of poor quality, and a lack of connection to their audience (which is, after all, YouTube's audience).

My Own TV Channel includes the option to use Bittorrent to distribute your video. This means you can distribute better quality videos to larger audiences. Whilst there are many fine pieces of software for this already, they are often entangled in the ongoing politics of digital copyright. Video producers who own their copyright, and wish to respect the copyright of others, are obliged to use software that is not optimised for their needs.

My Own TV Channel is targeted at film makers who wish to build up an audience of their own. It makes the process of hosting large video files easy.

Once installed, all an author need do is upload the video file they create. My Own TV Channel takes care of serving that (via bittorrent and traditional http) and notifying interested viewers via a blog-like RSS feed.

It is currently in beta (that means there may be bugs, but the key things work), and available for download.

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