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Welcome to The Director's Chair

11.41am, 5th December 2008

Welcome to my new blog. My name is John McAleely, and I'm the person behind Transmission Begins. As the only person behind Transmission Begins, my job's formal title of Company Director seems a little grand. However I hope that this company will grow, and the role will feel more natural with time. For now, it gives the title to this blog.

As a director, this blog is also the official view of Transmission Begins. I'll be maintaining my personal blog, so that I can publish things that aren't anything to do with the company.

I've just finished the first income generating work for Transmission Begins, which was some software related contracting. At their request, I've agreed to keep my customers company name confidential. Now that the work is finished, I can focus once again on My Own TV Channel, a product that makes it easy to host your own set of high quality videos for a video blog, or RSS TV channel.

A traditional directors chair, on a sunny lawn.

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