Goodbye Friends Reunited

For a few years (Since Aug 01 my profile claimed) I’ve been a member of Friends Reunited. When I signed up it was free to receive messages, and you paid to send them, which seemed like a fair deal.

As I learned last year, when an old schoolfriend contacted me, you now have to pay to receive messages too. Now, the money isn’t much – £7.50 – but it leaves a bitter taste to be obliged to pay to receive a message that my friend also paid to send. I also no longer see the sense in messaging people via the site, since you can’t tell if the recipient has already paid, or whether the message you send will oblige them to fork out. That seems plain rude.

Over the years, I think the website has become slow and ugly, and I’ve realised that with my (fairly) unique surname, I’m pretty easy to find on Google.

So, if you were in my year at school – in Coventry or Clacton – and you remember me from then, feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime, it’s goodbye to my friends reunited profile!