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Catwalk version 1.0.11 is available

Published at 8.30am on 8th March 2009

Catwalk version 1.0.11 is available to download from

Since we released our first version in Feburary, we have made several improvements to Catwalk. Here is a quick summary of the changes since version 1.0.4b.

House-keeping is improved - Catwalk now comes with an installer that understands Vista's security system, and will add itself to the HTTP access control list and the Windows firewall. It also talks to XP, Vista Home, and Vista Ultimate in non-English languages.

Usability is improved - Version 1.0.11 fixes an intermittent problem with "Play Now" functionality. Occationally Catwalk would miss a play command, and fail to start playback the first time an a Album or song is added with the "Play Now" buttons.

Making the Play Now feature robust has openned up a wealth of Media Center's music browing features for your Linn DS. In particular the "3D Music Wall", and "Theatre View" provide graphical interfaces suitable for use with a big screen, a standard remote control, and a sofa. (Sofa optional).

Video Wall Video Wall Theatre View
The Media Centre Music Wall and Theatre View available on your DS

Catwalk now has a dedicated output plugin which captures all audio coming from Media Centre. Initially, this means Catwalk is better behaved with your PC audio settings. But more importantly it also sets us up for some neat features in the future where we can directly capture the audio coming from JRiver.

All the gruesome details of Catwalk releases can be found in the release notes.

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