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Catwalk version 1.0.12 is available

Published at 3.30pm on 31st March 2009

The latest version of Catwalk is now available.

Catwalk v1.0.12 improves the integration with other Linn DS control points - When using Catwalk in a system with other controllers, the Album art of added tracks are preserved, and imported into Media Center. This means you can add albums to your DS using (for example) Kinsky PDA, and they will be visible to Catwalk complete with Album Art for use with Media Center's visualisation toys.

Using Catwalk and Kinsky PDA is a great pairing - Use Catwalk to que up a few of your recently purchased albums, and then, while you are relaxing on the sofa, you can add additional tracks with Kinsky PDA as the mood takes you. When you are done, you can head back to Catwalk to edit the day's playlist, and save it for next time.

Also included in this release is our receipt validation. Those of you that have puchased Catwalk (Many Thanks!) will be able to customise your version with a small message.

Finally, there are some changes to improve reliability. Catwalk is more robust when your computer hibernates or enters standby while it is not being used. And when roaming between networks, (for example when switching between a wireless and wired network on the same computer.) There are more fixes to come, so please keep sending us your log files.

Full release notes are available here

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